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Having your day in court

Are you wondering if you need a lawyer to defend you in court? I'm here to tell you that you do. People with legal representation get much better deals when they have their day in court - and you won't get a second chance if you don't get it right the first time. If you are feeling uncertain about representing yourself, on whether you need a lawyer or the best way to choose a lawyer my site has all the useful information and links you could need. Make sure you put you best foot forward when you are having your day in court.


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Having your day in court

    What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?

    Traditionally barristers and solicitors had different roles in the legal system. Barristers appeared in court and worked on more complex legal matters. Solicitors acted in a more junior role and performed transactional style legal work in the lower courts. Barristers are members of a legal 'bar', but the exact role of that bar changes from state to start. Over time the roles have become more intertwined in Australia, however the exact delineation differs between the states.

    Finding The Right Lawyer Is Imperative For Small Businesses – Even If You're Not In Legal Trouble!

    Every small business owner eventually comes to a point where hiring professional services is unavoidable. As your business grows, you find yourself needing an accountant to handle your finances, a web designer to keep your website professional and up-to-date, and maybe even a marketing expert to maximise your social media presence. However, you may think that hiring a lawyer is something to be done only when necessity demands it – perhaps when you suffer a lawsuit or need some very specific legal advice.

    Understanding Wrongful Arrest by a Police Officer

    If a police officer arrests and detains you wrongfully, you should not let this go. You need to hire a solicitor to enforce your right and to ensure that they do not do this to another person. The following is an in depth knowledge on wrongful arrest. What Is Wrongful Arrest? This is where you are detained and convicted wrongfully by police without having proper legal authority to do so. A good example of wrongful arrest is when a shop owner has reason to believe you committed an act of crime in their shop such as shoplifting and calls the police who arrest you without any evidence but relying on the testimony of the shop owner.

    What You Should Know About Seeking Emancipation As A Minor

    Are you an independent minor seeking emancipation from parents or guardians? Since emancipation guidelines vary from one jurisdiction to the other, you will need legal counsel. Below are things to look into before seeking emancipation. Age Requirement Emancipation age requirements differ from state to state. In order to avoid rigorous research and time consuming inquiries, it is better to hire a family lawyer. The lawyer, knowing the various statutes and age limitations, will encourage or discourage you to pursue emancipation based on the laws of your area.

    Common Legal Aid Services

    If you find yourself in a legal matter that you can't handle on your own, and you can't afford to hire a solicitor, you may be able to obtain a wide range of services through a legal aid organisation. These are organisations sponsored by the 1976 Legal Aid Commission Act, whose primary purpose is to help economically disadvantaged people find legal advice and lawyers willing to represent them for little to no money.

    Understanding the Statute of Limitation for Wrongful Death Suits

    If a relative or friend is dead owing to someone else's mistake, you can file a suit against the one responsible. With the right approach you can easily receive compensation which includes damages for medical and funeral expenses, loss of support and loss of consortium. However, this suit just like all others has a time limit and if this period expires, you have no right suing. The following article takes you through concepts involving the time limit for wrongful death suits.